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Top Things To Do In El Nido

El Nido has got you covered whether you are looking for an adventure or just relaxation. It’s a place like no other, with over 45 small islands and islets making any tour fascinating not to mention enjoyable. The beauty of el nido philippines is breathtaking; endless beaches, cliffs, crystal clear water termed to hold over 900 species of fish, archeological sites, and much more. To just put it, you cannot run short of things to do here: Here is our list of the top things to do in El Nido, Palawan.

Top Things To Do in El Nido

Island Hoppingboat

Island hopping is one of the top activities tourists engage in when they visit El Nido. In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons many tourists visit this place. Beautiful natural sites are surrounding all corners of the island; all this can is seen as one takes a boat ride, or as you explore the underwater world.

Explore The Hidden Beach

A hidden beach is a must-go place; secretly located between two large limestone rocks that unless you go further in between the two rock you are unlikely to find it. The beaches present opportunities of site seeing, hiking and exploration.

Food Trips

You won’t run short of delicious delicacies to eat at El Nido, pick the right restaurant, give your order and sit down to savor the different meals on the menu. From seafood to pastries to desserts one is spoilt for choice.

View in Corong-Corong beach

The beauty of seeing the sun setting is captivating. At the Corong-Corong Beach, the scenery will leave you gazing into the sky as you get enchanted and dazzled by the beauty of the sun. The beach is a magnet site for photographers.

Mountain Biking

Biking is another activitman riding bikey that you can engage in at El Nido. Bike are readily available to be rented at a fee for any tourist interested in exploring the island. Ensure to have a tour guide to assist in knowing the place. Different sites can be explored in the Island from the hot springs to the beaches, to the natives and history of the land.

Mentioned are just but a few top things one can do in El Nido. Others that can be included in the vacation schedule; kayaking in the waters around the island, snorkeling as one sees the marine life and deep sea diving.