Things to Do in Hong Kong

Whether you are a first-time traveler or a seasoned one looking for your next destination, Hong Kong would be a great choice, and it is something that you should add to your must-see places. It is a small country, but yet it is very progressive, just like Singapore. This is why many expatriates are attracted to settle down in this particular place.

Furthermore, thousands of tourists visit Hong Kong, and their number keeps on increasing every year. So what’s in this country? What are the activities that you can do here while you are on vacation? Read on.

Try the Star Ferry

Just so you know, the country is divided into two: Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. The Star Ferry serves as the most convenient and cheapest way to go from one side to another. Also, it became one of the most famous icons in Hong Kong.

While onboard, you can enjoy the majestic view of the skyscrapers and the city’s skyline, which you can also see from Victoria Harbour. To get the best experience, it is highly recommended that you hop on to the upper deck.

star ferry

Visit the Big Buddha

Did you know that the tallest seated buddha is also located in HK, particularly in Po Lin Monastery? It is called Tian Tan Buddha or more popularly known as Big Buddha.

The best way to reach this tourist spot is through the Ngong Ping 360 Skyrail cable car, wherein you can opt for the crystal cabin (the flooring is all mirror). This will also allow you to see a good view of Lantau Island.

Once you reach the monastery, you will see several restaurants as well as shops where you can buy souvenirs from. Prepare yourself, though, because you will have to walk, not to mention the 200 plus steps that you have to climb in order for you to get to the iconic Bog Buddha.

Shop at the Night Market

Many people also love to visit Kong Hong just to shop. This is because there are various night markets where locals and tourists can buy clothes, toys, shoes, accessories, and other stuff at low prices. You can really go shop til you drop!

Experience the Fun in Hong Kong Disneyland

Another attraction that you should head to while in the country, especially if you have kids with you, is Hong Disneyland. During the daytime, you can try different rides. You can also enjoy watching the light parade when the dark falls.

To make it more convenient for you, it is highly suggested that you get your ticket online. You may opt for a day’s ticket. Or if you think that one day is not enough for you, then you can buy the 2-day ticket.

The things highlighted above are just a few of the many things that you can do in Hong Kong. Book your flight now and experience the fun!

thailand's building

The Top Reasons To Visit Thailand

Thailand is full of rich culture. It is no doubt. Still, this is not the only reason to visit this fun full country. It is easy to find yourself being a frequent visitor to the country without getting bored. So, what is it that makes people love this country so much. Here are some of the top reasons why even a first timer can’t wait to arrive here.

The Top Reasons To Visit Thailand

The foods and drinks

Even after eating a different and unique meal every day, it would be impossible to sample everything in the world. Each country and culture have their unique way to make food. Thailand is not an exception. Thai food is one of the best food in the world. They are tasty, colorful and artfully prepared. What makes it even better is that the food is very cheap. One can sample restaurants by the river side as well as themed restaurants in town. Their bars sample some of the best cocktails that one can’t help but take a sip.

sea foods on plate

The culture

Thai people are passionate about their culture. They know how to keep it and show it to the whole world. Almost the entire country is of the Buddhist religion, and it shows all over by how they dress, worship and event conduct their lifestyle. The monks are also very popular, and their culture is even deeper. They are respectful and require to be respected back for a better relationship.


When visiting any foreign country for a vacation, adventure is usually on top of the game plan. While in Thailand, one can never exhaust the thrilling adventures. Just to highlight a few, elephant riding is one of the common adventures in Thailand. The elephants are friendly and usually giving very gentle rides through guided trails through the mountains. One can also opt for the thrilling zip line across valleys or even back packing adventures.

boys playing with elephant


Most people shop during the last days of their trip. There is a lot of stuff one can buy to take back home. Some are souvenirs while others are useful. Their handicrafts are good to decorate the house or even give a business back home some Thai touch. The markets are mostly open air, and prices are very fair. After all, life in Thailand is not expensive.

woman doing yoga at home

How To Find The Top Yoga Retreats

You will notice that nowadays, there are many yoga retreats centers across the globe. This emergency of many yoga retreats all over the world has made it a bit challenging to find a yoga retreat that will give you the satisfactory services that you need. For you to find a nice yoga in any place that you might be in the world, there are things that you should do. This article gives you a guideline that will enable you to find a suitable yoga retreat.


people doing yogaThis is supposed to be your first assignment. You need to make sure that you gather as much information as possible about yoga services. Doing an extensive research will help you get the quality yoga experience that will stay in your mind for a good time. You must go through every site that talks about yoga and gets to compare the services. Libraries equipped with books that talks about yoga will always be of great help to you.

Dig up many files to your level best from the yogic authorities around your place or the place that you intend to visit. This will help you to know which centers that were preferred by most yoga practitioners. This way, you will get practical ideas on what are the best yoga centers to pick.

Get in touch with professionals

Talking to professionals in the field can prove to be every effective in helping you achieve your dreams. Yoga professionals have a lot of information that you are not likely to find in books or even the internet. They will open your eyes and make you see what is good for you.
When it comes to choosing the best yoga center, you need to ask them to guide and advise you accordingly. Find out from them the methods that you can use to land on top retreats. You also need to bear in mind that these are the people who can help you to find the right for the retreat provisions.


people doing yoga on beachIf you want to get a top yoga facility, then you need to find out the measures that they have put in place provide a state of bliss to the clients. A facility that has been the business for a long period will be in a better position of an entirely conducive environment that will make your mind relax. It is worthy noting that facilities that can provide calm conditions are considered very helpful as far as yoga retreats are concerned.

swimming pool

Top Things To Do In El Nido

El Nido has got you covered whether you are looking for an adventure or just relaxation. It’s a place like no other, with over 45 small islands and islets making any tour fascinating not to mention enjoyable. The beauty of el nido philippines is breathtaking; endless beaches, cliffs, crystal clear water termed to hold over 900 species of fish, archeological sites, and much more. To just put it, you cannot run short of things to do here: Here is our list of the top things to do in El Nido, Palawan.

Top Things To Do in El Nido

Island Hoppingboat

Island hopping is one of the top activities tourists engage in when they visit El Nido. In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons many tourists visit this place. Beautiful natural sites are surrounding all corners of the island; all this can is seen as one takes a boat ride, or as you explore the underwater world.

Explore The Hidden Beach

A hidden beach is a must-go place; secretly located between two large limestone rocks that unless you go further in between the two rock you are unlikely to find it. The beaches present opportunities of site seeing, hiking and exploration.

Food Trips

You won’t run short of delicious delicacies to eat at El Nido, pick the right restaurant, give your order and sit down to savor the different meals on the menu. From seafood to pastries to desserts one is spoilt for choice.

View in Corong-Corong beach

The beauty of seeing the sun setting is captivating. At the Corong-Corong Beach, the scenery will leave you gazing into the sky as you get enchanted and dazzled by the beauty of the sun. The beach is a magnet site for photographers.

Mountain Biking

Biking is another activitman riding bikey that you can engage in at El Nido. Bike are readily available to be rented at a fee for any tourist interested in exploring the island. Ensure to have a tour guide to assist in knowing the place. Different sites can be explored in the Island from the hot springs to the beaches, to the natives and history of the land.

Mentioned are just but a few top things one can do in El Nido. Others that can be included in the vacation schedule; kayaking in the waters around the island, snorkeling as one sees the marine life and deep sea diving.


How To Find The Cheapest Flights

Maybe you are supposed to take a flight soon, but your budget is not adding up. If you must travel, probably it is an emergency business meeting, or you have to visit a sick relative, do not worry anymore. There is a way to book the cheapest flights with helpful tips given in this piece.

Here are some tips to always manage to get the cheapest flights

Start booking in advance

customer servicesTo land a cheap flight, start the booking process way early. Might sound long, but you should start your booking process three months before the departure date. This way, you will be in a position to research and find the cheapest flight in your area. Last minute booking means you do not have time to research hence will go with the first option which might be very expensive. You will be surprised how this saves you a lot of money.

Collect Air Miles or points

If you are a frequent traveler, make it a habit of traveling with airlines that give points every time you travel with them. If the trips find you financially strained, you can redeem your accumulated points for a free flight. Ask the attendant if they have such offers when booking for flights. Many online travel agents have such offers, so you better make use of them.

Consider buying late

Maybe you are asking how possible it is to get cheap flights with the late booking. Do not ignore this because we have already stressed on early booking on the point above. Look at it this way, some airlines, give out empty seats as offers to those coming late. They do this to persuade them to buy tickets, instead of it going with empty seats. Some companies make such announcements on social media. Check their pages from time to time to grab yourself the offers.

Keep your dates flexible

2019 CalenderYou might have realized that some portals have different charges for different dates. For instance, traveling on weekends might be more expensive than on normal days. You might also find that charges are high during holidays. If your dates are flexible, you will be able to travel on weekdays and save the extra cash. Try as much to avoid traveling during holidays. Traffic is high during this time and most airline charge expensive. You might even find yourself missing a ticket. Stress no ore and use the above tips to get a cheap ticket and take care of whatever you wanted to.

tent on nature

Camping Tips For First-Time Travelers

Camping is a great way to family, friends, and workmates bonding. Sometimes the holidays approach without you having any plans on how to spend your free time. Probably the kids too are not in school. With the busy schedule today, most people never spend quality time with their families anymore. You only see your kids for less than an hour in a day. The reason, you leave home very early before they wake up and come in late when they are already asleep. Camping is a good way of reuniting with your family. Maybe it is your first time camping, read on to get tips on what is required of you.

Camping tips


bon fireElectricity or form of lighting is one thing you must never lack during camping. If there is no electricity in your area of destination, carry your source of lighting. You can carry a charged battery and bulbs in case of power disruptions. Water is another basic. If the area has good water supply, there is no need of you carrying gallons with you. Food is another thing of consideration. Carry with yourself what you will feed on your camping. If the food is raw, plan how you will be cooking before you leave.


Sometimes it is very hard to predict the weather. Carry with you warm clothes in case of weather change; that is if you left home warm. Rain can come anytime. Carry with yourself umbrellas, raincoats, and rainproof shoes. It will be very unfortunate waking up soaked wet from rain and you do not have clothes to change. Carry enough clothes and socks to keep your feet warm.

Protect your skin

female model posingSunburns are unavoidable during a summer trip. Do not leave behind your sunscreen. You will be sweating too so make sure to carry the type that does not run with sweat. Be considerate of the young and old, who cannot apply sunscreen. You might meet insects too. It is important to be keen because bites from some wild insects cause allergic reactions. Check your clothes to make sure that no insects are hiding in them.


Staying without food is impossible. If you have, kids carry snacks and their favorite foods. Pack ready and raw food for the adults too. You must have cooking plan not forget to carry matchbox and other cooking requirements. If any of your family members is on medication, do not leave them behind too.